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Space Themed Party Ideal for Kids Parties

Space Themed Party

We Host the Best Space Themed Party in Kent

All kids love outer space and spacemen so why not book space themed party for your child? A space theme birthday party is a fantastic event and with our outer space party ideas, always a huge success. 

Our organised space theme kids party can cater for up to 50 children. They will have a great time playing outer space birthday party games whilst chomping on delicious outer space birthday party food. 

Your child is going to love handing out an outer space party invitation to each of their friends. 

What's included with an Outer Space Birthday Party 

Every space theme party is conducted by one of our experienced children's entertainers. We will require a large indoor space which can be darkened to create a space party theme. We will also for a space theme party need two tables situated near a power supply.

Set up time is approximately 30 minutes to dress the room with outer space party decorations which we provide with our outer space party supplies. 

What's included 

  • Space theme party decor including outer space birthday decorations 

  • Toy prizes 

  • Unique Party Games

  • UV Lighting & Projector

  • PA System 

  • Snow Machine ​

​The "Purple Package" will include a personalised space birthday invitation for upto 30 guests.

Space Party Games

On arrival at our created space centre adorned with space birthday party decorations. The children will be seated on the floor or on chairs to watch the screen as they blast off to planet Mars where the adventure begins. For added effects of space travel, we let off the included snow machine!

Upon landing on planet Mars, the games and fun begin, for added glow-in-the-dark effect. We encourage parents to dress their children in either white or neon clothing for that extra glow effect. 

Our Unique Party Games

  • Velco Warriors - Kids adore this game as our entertainer dresses as a Velcro warrior and tries to avoid attacks with children throwing softballs which will sick on the velcro suit

  • Dance Blaster - The kids dance and our entertainer blasts softballs onto the dance floor for them to catch. 

  • Colour Catch - A team game where kids collect coloured flags, the team that collects the most wins. 

  • Flip or Bust - A team game where the kids flip the most coloured flippers to win the game

  • Guess Who Party Game - similar to hide & seek but our updated version tests the kids on who's missing from the room and hidden behind a circular screen

​All games include prizes, which will be safe children's toys, not sweets

Our Space Birthday Party Ideas 

Other than space birthday party ideas if you prefer an alien birthday party theme we are open to all space party ideas. A popular party idea is a spaceship space theme party. Where children can dress up as astronauts to travel in time to the best space birthday party ever!

Book your themed party with Unique Kids Parties of Kent

So do you what to book a themed party with us using our space birthday party ideas? Get in touch with Unique Kids Parties, either by giving us a call or sending us a message. All contact information is available on our website, we look forward to hosting your child's next party. 

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