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Nerf Gun Party

Are Nerf gun parties Safe?

Our portable Nerf gun party pop-up battlefield is perfect for a kid's birthday party, a family get-together, a school function, or a team-building exercise.  The best Nerf Gun Birthday Party experience for kids aged 8 and above! All the action and excitement of "Paintball," but without the bruises and mess. To triumph, blast your way to the top by blasting your way through the celebration.

We value good sportsmanship, teamwork, and honesty, as well as exciting games and battles. Nerf Gun Parties are great because they are fun, active, and safe. 

The Nerf toy line was founded by the Parker Brothers and is currently owned by Hasbro. The majority of the toys are foam-based gun guns, although Nerf also makes sports balls for football, basketball, and baseball. Their dart guns (named "blasters" by Hasbro) that discharge "Nerf foam" ammunition are their most well-known toys (partially reticulated polyether type polyurethane foam).

Nerf Blasters and Nerf N-Strike Elite are the two most popular Nerf gun models.

The N-Strike gun family was debuted in 2003. Although some blasters in the N-Strike gun series have a red and grey or all-over blue colour scheme, the bulk of the line's blasters are yellow and black. The N-Strike Elite gun series debuted in 2012, with revised internal mechanics for greater performance, updated Elite darts, and a new blue, orange, and white colour scheme.

Nerf blasters are plastic foam dart-firing toy guns. Darts can have a variety of tips, such as Velcro-tipped darts that adhere to Nerf vests (usually packaged with Dart Tag blasters), suction cup darts that stick to flat surfaces, streamlined darts that fit into magazines (referred to by Nerf as clips), and those that can whistle in flight. Darts can also be customised with different colours, such as those that reflect certain sub-lines, camouflage, and glow in the dark. Rails, also known as tactical rails, are featured on most Nerf gun blasters and may be used to attach numerous accessories as well as special adapters like barrel and stock adapters.

Contact Unique Kids Parties today to book your party event with us.  If you have any questions, please speak to one of us by telephone on 01273 327 551, email us at or complete an online form here for one of us to call you back.

What games do you play at a Nerf party?

Nerf parties for kids are essentially a combination of archery, laser tag, and paintballing, but with harmless soft darts. We supply a selection of Nerf guns, ammo, army gear, and, of course, safety equipment, as well as a fun-session session for high-intensity Nerf gun party games and missions suited to the customer's preferences. We give a Nerf party for up to 40 participants who must be at least 8 years old, so gather your pals and start the war.

Nerf parties for kids have been a huge hit; there's no better way to encourage imaginative play in a party setting while being completely safe. It's the latest craze and a terrific alternative to, among other things, bouncy castles, clowns, magicians, and discos.

Unique Children's Parties Kent is continually coming up with new ways to provide kids with the amazing experiences they crave! We've hosted Nerf parties for kids for years, and unlike other party companies, we not only provide packages that keep everyone busy and entertained the whole time. Our professional, experienced crew will arrive at your location with all of the necessary equipment, allowing you to sit back and relax while your children have joy with Nerf guns.

We have everything we need and can even put up a makeshift city to fight in. Up to 40 Nerf guns in various variations, 600 Nerf gun darts, safety goggles, entertaining pop-up shelters, barriers, and army nets are included in the bundle.

Perfection comes with practice! Before the battle, everyone will get an opportunity to practice their Nerf party skills on the firing range so that they are comfortable and safe with their Nerf gun. We'll distribute some additional ammunition throughout the pop-up hamlet, so keep an eye out for it. But be careful: enemy traps may be hidden in the shelters! More darts will be provided to the youngsters after they have fun in the pop-up hamlet, and assignments will be allocated to teams.

Then proceed to the combat zone, where two expert Nerf gun teams will face off in a live battle between two battlefields.

Guests under the age of eight are welcome to participate if they are in the same school year as the birthday child.

Kids can bring their own Nerf guns, however, no darts are permitted. Please write their initials in sharpie or use a sticker to identify the item.

Some adults are encouraged to participate, and it is a fun way to spend time during the celebration. Especially those that have a reputation for sticking around. Adults are not required to participate in games unless they are accompanied by a child under the age of eight. Anyone above the age of 18 who has received parental or guardian consent is eligible.

Gender preference is not available for this package, which is hosted by both male and female performers.

To book your party, please call us at 01273 327 551. Monday through Friday, from 4.30 p.m. until 9:00 p.m., we are open. Alternatively, you can contact us by email at or by filling out an online form here. Our gatherings are exclusively held on Saturdays and Sundays.

How do you do a Nerf party?

When it is time for your Nerf gun party, our host will arrive 30 minutes early to assemble the pop-ups, inflatable props, and other party decorations. Please allow another 30 minutes for clean-up after the Nerf gun party.

After everyone has been equipped with their Nerf guns, our host will go over all of the party's safety precautions and provide a quick tutorial on how to use the equipment. The first hour will consist of some Nerf gun party activities. After that, the kids will have a 15-minute break for food and drinks. In the final 15 minutes of the game, the Combat Zone will pit two teams against each other in a final battle. Who will come out on top? Who will be crowned the Nerf party champion?

What age do you have to be to have a Nerf Gun Party?

As mentioned above, participants of the party must be at least 8 years old to play a nerf war.  We encourage adults to get involved in the games and kids with friends who are under 8 years old but in the same school year can also play.

Where can I book a fun party for my kids?

This one-of-a-kind event includes guns, ammo, glasses, and barricades. Use your survival skills to avoid oncoming nerf darts, hide behind barricades, and shoot everything that moves! You may either work together as a group or tackle it alone.

We have two different packages available for a nerf gun party:

Option 1: Nerf Wars in the House (Yellow Package)
Price - £220.00 (All players must be at least eight years old.)
What Does the Package Include?
40 Nerf Guns, 1 Kids Party Host, Base Building Barricades, Pop Up Tents, Nerf Darts, 40 Pairs Of Safety Goggles, PA System, Music.

What we need from you: 
A large enough place to hold the party, as well as power and free parking; sports halls are too large, so we may only be able to use half of the area.
90 minutes is comparable to one hour of Nerf games and activities. Take a 15-minute break. 15-Minute Nerf Battles

Option 2: Nerf Wars in the House (Purple Package)
The cost is £245.00. (All players must be 8 years plus)
What Does the Package Include?
40 Nerf Guns, 1 Kids Party Host, Barricades for base building, Pop Up Tents, Nerf Darts, 40 Pairs Of Safety Goggles, PA System, and Music are included in the package.

What we expect from you:
A huge party location, power, and free parking are necessary; sports halls are often too large for these kind of events, so we may only use half of the available area.
90 minutes to 1 hour of Nerf Games and Activities Take a 15-minute break. 15 Minutes of Nerf Games

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