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Are you looking for a unique kids party Kent? Come join Unique Kids Parties for a great birthday day out

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What should I do for a fun birthday in Kent?

Unique Kids Parties in Kent specialises in producing one-of-a-kind party packages for children aged from four years to eleven years.

Unique Kids Parties is the only place where you can find all of our packages and one-of-a-kind party games.

We provide services throughout Kent so please do not hesitate to contact us to check if we can come to you.

Why choose us?

We are very unique in that we have so many cool and fun games your children would love, we cater to all tastes and events.  

Some of our most popular parties are:

Science Party, Pokemon Party, Nerf Wars Party, Disco and Unique Games Party, UV Glow In-the-dark Party and Slime Party. With many more to choose from.

With so many amazing party ideas under one roof, we are sure to have the perfect party for your children. Whatever the occasion, a birthday, a themed party celebration, or just for fun. Click here to check out our full list of unique parties and click here to read our customer reviews.

We cover every town and city in the Kent county, please contact us on 01273 327 551, send an email to or alternatively you can complete an online form if you want to check further information on availability and what we can do for you.

What are the best ideas for birthday parties for children?

Unique Kids Parties Kent offers a wide range of fun, exciting and educational games and parties that your children will love. The top 6 more popular parties are:

Science Party - Invite your friends to Slime Science's interactive experiments, contests, and prizes.

Our interactive host will guide you and your friends through each experiment step by step.

With a little bit of this and that, you and your buddies can construct your own beautiful lava lamps. The slime is created by mixing polymers with other substances.


The Mentos Coke explosions are for you if you appreciate things exploding!

Unique Kids Parties can help you plan the entire event. This set of hands-on scientific experiments includes a slime production experiment, multiple Mentos® Coke® Explosion Experiments, and a Lava Lamp Experiment.

At least one table will be required for the children to work at. There is no need for chairs. If there are enough tables for everyone to stand around, the party will run more smoothly. We provide tablecloths and ensure that the area and tables are clean and orderly. Please provide a bin for any items that need to be discarded.  No children will be injured, and all of our experiments use common household goods like glue, oil, food colouring, and other such items. 

*Please ask your visitors if they have any allergies and let our host know when they come. 

Prices start from £230.00 for 90 minutes and from £250.00 for 2 hours.


Pokemon Party - All Pokémon Go gamers are welcome to join us for a Pokémon-themed party!

- Follow the map as far as you can and collect as many Pokémon as you can.

- Shoot as many Poke Balls as possible with our cannons.

- Use your Poke Ball to capture Pokémon

- Pikachu vs. Zubat

- Name the Pokémon and more.....

This party has Pokémon music and an interactive host.

Why not stop by our PokeStop before travelling to our Pokémon Gym and stock up on eggs, potions, and Poke Balls?

Prices start from £215.00 for 90 minutes and from £230.00 for 2 hours.

Nerf Wars Party - Enter our Pop-up city and party with up to 40 players, compete against your opponents and complete the mission.

Practice makes perfect, as the saying goes so everyone in our firing zone has the chance to try out their gun and properly understands how to use it.

Keep a look out for extra ammo and better hideouts inside the pop-up settlement. Enter the pop-up village to find the best hideouts and enjoy a friendly game of nerf.

From here on out, teams will be formed, additional darts will be distributed, and team assignments will be determined.


Battle Zone - The arena is divided into two combat zones and based on the outcomes of the friendly game, two teams will be established and participate in a live battle.

Prices start from £200.00 for 90 minutes of mayhem.


Disco and Unique Games Party -  Join us for all of your favourite songs, dance routines, and fun party activities with our interactive host.
Your Unique Kids Parties host will interact with you and your guests throughout the party!

We perform all of today's most popular songs, plus we can accommodate a handful of special requests made at the time of booking!

Prepare to learn the moves to your favourite songs, shout them out loud, and win some wonderful prizes.
Your stylish disco will be hosted by Unique Kids Parties in a modern, up-to-date manner, complete with all of today's hottest current music.

Your disco will include some of our unique party games.

Unique Kids Parties Kent can help you plan the entire event. A range of our one-of-a-kind party games are included in this package.

All games be played to current pop music and requests can be taken by your host. Throughout the game, our host will speak with you, explaining the rules in full and, most importantly, rewarding all winners with cool miniature toy prizes. Other minor games and activities were also available.

Unique Kids Parties Kent can organise the entire event for you. This package includes a variety of our one-of-a-kind party games.

All games will be played to current pop music and requests. Our host will communicate with you during the game, explaining the rules in detail and, most importantly, awarding cool miniature toy prizes to all of the victors. There were also other minor games and activities.

Prices start from £210.00 for 90 minutes and from £230.00 for 2 hours.


UV Glow In The Dark Party - There has never been a better opportunity to arrange a UV Glow Party for children!

There are two options available to you:

UV Glow Disco & Unique Games Party

UV Glow Unique Games Party

This package can be offered in a more mature manner, or with our interactive and creative party games that are unique to our brand.

Invite all of your pals to a funky UV glow party dressed in white or neon. 


While playing all of your favourite songs, our host will interact with you, encouraging sing-alongs and dancing.

UV flood light, disco lighting, disco set up, cool and unique party games and prizes are all included.

Remember to pick a location where natural light can be blocked.

Unique Kids Parties Kent can help you plan the entire event. A range of our one-of-a-kind party games are included in this package.

Like our discos, all music will be current chart music and we also take requests. Throughout the game, our host will speak with you, explaining the rules in full and, most importantly, rewarding all winners with cool miniature toy prizes. Other minor games and activities were also available.

Throughout the event, our host will interact with attendees, encouraging them to sing along to popular songs and hosting all of the party games, dancing competitions, and other activities.

Prices start from £210.00 for 90 minutes and from £235.00 for 2 hours.


Slime Party - Enter the fun zone at your party for a chance to win tickets to our fantastic slime factory.

Slime Mixologists, come this way and participate in our entertaining, one-of-a-kind party games to win your tickets (excludes option 4).

See whether you can win a ticket to our fun slime factory by using our Ticket Mixer (excludes option 4).

Perhaps a ticket can be found within a Slime Ball Thrower Game (excludes option 4).

Everyone at the party has the opportunity to win a ticket to The Slime Factory!

Dress in your shabbiest clothes because when this party starts, things will get messy.

Come into our slime factory and learn how to make your own batches of slime to take home with you and your friends.

For the slime factory workshop, we'll need two tables. 


The tables will be covered with plastic. 


Each youngster will make their own slime batch. 


Our host will walk each guest through the process step by step, as well as assist and help with any areas that require adult supervision.

The slime will be taken home by the guests.

Everyone exiting the Slime Factory must go through our Decontamination process before they may eat (Snow Machine).

After dinner, the party continues with our renowned party disco (excludes option 4).

Unique Kids Parties can help you plan the entire event. This bundle (option 1) includes a variety of our unique party games as well as slime making for each child.

Unique Kids Parties has requested that all games be played to current pop music. Throughout the game, our host will speak with you, explaining the rules in full and, most importantly, rewarding all winners with cool miniature toy prizes. Other smaller games and activities could also be included.

Should I invite siblings to my birthday party?

When it comes to birthday party etiquette, parents frequently debate whether or not to invite or bring along siblings to the party. Parents hosting parties frequently want just invited guests to attend, while parents on the other end of the spectrum question what to do when child care is required for siblings, or how to explain why they are unable to go to the party.

Don't assume that siblings will be invited to the party automatically. Siblings are normally not counted unless they are attending a family member's party, to which the entire family is usually invited, or a close friend's party.  For starters, the host may be responsible for child care and the party's finances.

Even if the party is held at someone's home or in a park, bringing uninvited siblings to the party is a bad idea because there may not be enough age-appropriate activities for extra younger or older children.  In addition, there may not be enough adult supervision to cover everyone at the party if there are additional siblings.

When parents bring uninvited siblings to a birthday party, it can be dangerous, fights may break out and some children may get upset so it's always best to request permission and make a payment offer.

What should I serve parents at a party for kids?

It can be somewhat stressful to host a children's birthday party. You want to make your child's birthday party the best it can be, but there's so much to think about. You must consider the party invitations, the party's venue, the party entertainment, the party bags, the birthday cake, and so on. And you have to accomplish it all on a tight budget while attempting to please everyone. To be honest, it may be a nightmare, especially if you're new to hosting a party for children. However, one point of contention is whether or not parents should be served food at a child's birthday party. And, if that's the case, what should you serve the adults?

This isn't the easiest question to answer. Before you decide how to handle the food at your child's party, there are a few things to think about. What are the children's ages? How long will the celebration last? Will the parents lend a hand? That's why we've put up this guide to cover all you need to know about adult food during a kid's birthday party. So let's get started!

Some parents believe that refusing to give food to adults at a child's birthday party is rude.  Others, probably even the majority, believe that this viewpoint is exaggerated. At least some parents appear to believe that providing tea and coffee at the party is sufficient to keep them happy. Others, on the other hand, claim they're comfortable with eating the children' leftovers. Some even believe that the food served at children's birthday parties is the nicest part of the entire occasion!

The first thing you should do is think about your financial situation of the party. Don't stress about feeding the parents if you're on a tight budget. It's not required, and it's far more important to consider the children's needs than the parents'. It's essential for ensuring that your child has a wonderful time. If you have any remaining money, try to present leftovers to the parents, especially those that stayed to help out. If you have extra cash, putting on some refreshments exclusively for the other parents is a great way to gain brownie points with the other parents.

If you are not going to serve food, politely mention it on the invite to avoid any disappointment but the common thing is to put out some nibbles such as crisps, sandwiches, cheese and crackers.

How can I make learning science fun for my child?

Your children will have the time of their lives at the Science Party with Unique Kids Parties in Kent. 

Add a pinch of this and a pinch of that, your children and their friends can create their very own cool lava lamps by mixing polymers to make slime wit other cool ingredients. Everyone loves explosions, especially children so they are sure to be excited when we carry out our very own Mentos Coke explosions.  Safety equipment will all be provided.

Contact us now on 01273 327 551, by email to or you can complete an online form to get in touch with us.

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