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Glow In The Dark Slime

Glow In The Dark Slime

Kids Love our Glow in the Dark Slime Parties

For your child's next party, consider a glow in the dark slime party. At Unique Kids Parties, we offer two different types of slime parties. You can choose from a UV glow slime party or a traditional slime party both offer a perfect the party solution 

Looking for a Party Solution for Your Child?

Our unique parties are organised and guaranteed to be fun, we don't just host glow-in-the-dark parties for children. At Unique Kids Parties, we offer a whole host of different fun activities, check out our website for a list activities and pricing. 

What are glow in the dark slime parties?

If you don't already know, glow in the dark slime parties are often held for birthdays, special occasions, or simply as a fun and unique activity for children aged from 4 to 11 years old. We provide a solution for kids to explore their creativity, engage in sensory play, and enjoy a visual experience whilst having fun with slime.

Don't worry about having Glow in the Dark Slime at home! 

As a parent, we understand you may have concerns about having glow in the dark slime or UV fun glow slime ruining carpets or furniture in your home. 

At Unique Kids Parties you can rest assured all glow in the dark slime parties are supervised by our own entertainment staff. Although we do advise that all the children wear old clothes in case it does get messy!

Slime Recipe & Glow in the Dark Slime Activities

Our supervised glow in the dark slime kids activities vary depending on which package you choose. With both glow in the dark slime & slime parties, we have four different options

All the slime party options allow for a maximum of 30 children to partake in the activities and include activities as listed below. 

  • Experienced Childrens Entertainer

  • Selection of unique party games with prizes

  • Slime making sessions

  • Slime Disco Party (except option 4)

  • Snow machine (except option 4)

Slime Party Requirements

For the workshop at the slime factory, we will need two tables. For the tables, we will bring plastic covers. The slime will be made by each child in their own batch. Each child will be guided step-by-step by our experienced host, who will also help and support them with any tasks that call for adult supervision. 

Create a Glow in the Dark Slime Recipe

We let the kids under our supervision make their own slime recipe to take home or use at the party. Our slime shopping list consists of all the slime-making materials and ingredients. 

Glow in the Dark Slime Party Solution

Unicorn Rainbow Slime

Creating multi-coloured or glowing slime is so much fun for kids. By following a simple slime recipe, kids can make their own glow rainbow slime that will glow in the dark.

Sewage Slime

This dark slime is a slime recipe that makes children cry with laughter and as the name suggests the dark colour slime looks like sewage. Boys particularly like this slime recipe, whist girls prefer the cool glow slime recipe. 

Coloured Slime

If you want to add colour to your slime, you can use food colouring. We only use food colouring that is safe to handle and non-staining.

Snot Slime

Another favourite for the boys is our dark green slime recipe which as the name implies looks like dark slime snot!

Watch your Slime Glow

After the slime recipe is complete it is time to watch the glowing slime, glow. It's just a simple process of making the room dark and then watching the slime glow. 

Kid-Safe Glow in the Dark Slime Ingredients 

All slime colour ingredients we use are non-toxic and safe for children to handle. This includes slime colouring which is non-toxic food colouring.

Slime Decontamination Time

For extra party fun, at the end of each glow in the dark slime party, all participants must walk through a decontamination zone. Otherwise known as a foam slime remover, which is our popular snow machine.

After the Slime Party Solution 

Storing glow-in-the-dark slime properly is important to maintain its texture and glow over time. To maintain slime it's best kept in an airtight container and preferably in a dark room away from sunlight. Storing slime correctly after a child'sparty will help preserve it for future play

The Best Party Solution 

Our mobile entertainment team cover the whole of Kent with our unique and entertaining party events. If glow in the dark slime is not your thing, check out the huge variety of children's party activities we offer. 

We are confident we will have a perfect solution to suit your requirements for a unique children's party. A party that will remain in their memories for a lifetime. 

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